Combined lab meeting of the CAN (Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience) and EPAN (Experimental Psychopathology and Affective Neuroscience) labs

Map of important locations

Wednesday, 9th of April, 2014

Muenzinger Psychology Building, Room D430

09:00-9:30 Coffee

9:30-09:40 Tor Wager & Karin Roelofs: General introduction CAN and EPAN labs and topics

9:40 - 45 minutes - Symposium 1: Freezing (discussion moderator: Lisa) ● 10 + 5 minutes Hannah Niermann: Freezing and Attachment ● 10 + 5 minutes Verena Ly: Individual differences in bodily freezing predict emotional biases in decision making ● 10 + 5 minutes Maria Lojowska: Perception and Freezing

10:25 - 60 minutes - Symposium 2: Psychological modulation of pain ● 10 + 5 minutes Choong-Wan (Wani) Woo: Deconstructing pain: Sensory and cognitive manipulations of pain are mediated by distinct systems ● 10 + 5 minutes Scott Schafer: Placebo ● 10 + 5 minutes Marieke Jepma - Conditioned modulation of pain without primary reinforcement ● 10 + 5 minutes Leonie Koban - Effects of social conformity and experience-based learning on pain

11:25 – 12:25 Lunch

12:25 - 95 minutes - Symposium 3: Affective decisions and stress (discussion moderator: Jacobien) ● 10 + 5 minutes Damon Tomlin: Social conformity ● 15 + 5 minutes: Inge Volman: Control of social emotional actions and its neuro-endocrine correlates ● 15 + 5 minutes: Bernd Figner: Expected Risks and Returns in Children’s, Adolescents’, and Adults’ Dynamic Risky Choice ● 15 + 5 minutes: Erno Hermans: Dynamic adaptation of large-scale brain networks in response to acute stressors ● 15 + 5 minutes: Tor Wager: Periaqueductal gray (pag)

2:00 - 20 minutes - Coffee and General Discussion

2:20 - 80 minutes - Symposium 4: Neural Representation of Pain and Affect ● 10 + 5 minutes Luke: An fMRI-based signature of negative emotional experience ● 10 + 5 minutes Marianne: Imagined extinction ● 10 + 5 minutes Hedwig Eisenbarth: Predicting ANS stress reaction by brain function ● 20 minutes - General Discussion

4:00-5:00 - Lab tour at CINC

5:00-??? Drinks at Fate Brewing Company and then we'll head over to Pearl Street Mall where there are lots of restaurants and bars and will be near the Boulderado. —-

Thursday, 10th of April, 2014

For those interested in hiking to the mountains, we will be leaving from the lobby of the Boulderado at 9am and head to the top of Flagstaff Mountain (weather permitting). We will be taking a route similar to this: Pack a lunch with you, or we will purchase some food for lunch as soon as we set out, and we can eat at the top. At that point we can decide to head back or find other trails. Bring lots of water with you, sunscreen, a hat and a few layers of clothing since the weather can be unpredictable.


To get from Denver International Airport to Boulder you can either take the bus (here is the schedule), or the Super Shuttle van service, or you can take a taxi.

If you take the bus, it will be labeled “AB”, cost $13 and take you to the Boulder Transit Center, which is 5 blocks from Hotel Boulderado. Here is how to use the bus schedule. The times on the left-hand column are departure times. For instance, the last two busses for the day are 11:45pm (1145p) and 12:41am (1241a). You will be taking the bus all the way to the last stop at the Boulder Transit Center and the arrival times are in the right-hand column. (The last two busses will arrive at 12:44am and 1:44am.)

The Super Shuttle will take you right to Hotel Boulderado, but you should call ahead and see if you will need to make a reservation and see how much it will cost. They number is 1(800) 622-2089 ext. 2

To get from the Boulderado to the CAN Lab on Wednesday morning go to the bus stop around the corner from the Boulderado. Start at point A on the Map of important locations and take the Skip Bus to campus. A Skip Bus comes by every 5-10 minutes and will cost $2.25 per person (exact change). Use the map to find your way to the Muenzinger Psych Building. The conference room will be on the fourth floor in room D430.

If you have any questions, you can contact Brandon Tutt via email ( or mobile phone (1-720-252-6881).

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