Quality Control (QC) checklist

This list covers many of the issues that should be checked prior to and during analysis. It's not a complete list, but it does include many important items.

More on quality control is here: fmri_quality_control_overview

Info on the CANlab quality control database is here: canlab_fmri_qc_database


  • SNR - signal to noise - single image (contrast to noise, dropout/susceptibility; gray/white matter contrast in structurals)
  • SNR - temporal (e.g., maps of mean / std. deviation across time)
  • ghosting - image wrap-around
  • image intensity - high enough to avoid information loss? (e.g., >1000)
  • distortions - spatial distortions in acquisition
  • Spikes - gradient artifacts and bad images
  • drift - large signal drift over time (look at FFT or timeseries)
  • periodic noise - low-frequency noise artifacts
  • streaks/striping in images (RF room leaks)


  • orientation (reconstruction/header problems)
  • skull stripping or segmentation failures (missing brain)
  • coregistration (anatomica to functional overlap)
  • normalization (warping ok? bad alignment/distortion?)
  • movement estimates (reasonable? too much movement?)


  • colinearity and predictor variance in model
  • mask (which voxels are analyzed?)
  • image registration (consistent across all images in analysis?)
  • contrast scaling (consistent across all images?)
  • indicators of task-correlated artifacts: global shift, large std across contrast
  • outliers (very unusual images)
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