Meta-analysis: Multilevel Kernel Density Analysis

This toolbox performs coordinate-based meta-analysis. It was designed to be easy to use, with little knowledge of Matlab, though you may have to enter some command-line functions.

Lisa Feldman Barrett and her lab have created an extensive help file that describes the procedures. You can download it here:


To get started, here are the essential steps:

  1. Prepare a database of coordinates and labels and read it in
  2. Run Meta_Setup
  3. Run Meta_Activation_FWE
  4. Run Meta_Chisq, if chi-square analysis is needed

Here is a simple example with instructions on how to set up the database, run the analysis, and get results (including montages and surface rendering).

The main function is Meta_Activation_FWE. You can run it in three modes: Three 'modes' of operation of Meta_Activation_FWE.m

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