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fMRI Tools Documentation

This page contains links to help documents for the SCAN lab analysis tools. The software can be found here: Link to Software

More help on fMRI (quality control, artifacts, SPM, preprocessing, analysis) is available in the “help” section in the menu at the left. See the bottom of this page for a partial list.

Helpful pages with how-to's

figure_gallery How to make nice figures

brain_masks How to use brain masks

object_oriented_fmri Here is a list of the most important tools

to-be-added: - how to extract data

Available CAN lab fMRI toolboxes:

CAN Core Tools Visualization, plotting, statistics, image manipulation

M3 Mediation fMRI Toolbox Multilevel mediation and moderation for fMRI data

robust_regression Robust regression toolbox for group fMRI analysis

Genetic Algorithm for fMRI Genetic algorithm for optimized fMRI design

Meta Analysis MKDA Coordinate-based meta-analysis with Multilevel Kernel Density Analysis

HEWMA Hierarchical Exponentially Weighted Moving Average analysis for fMRI

HRF fMRI hemodynamic response fitting toolbox

diagnostics fMRI diagnostic tools and effect size maps

Example code snippets

General help pages and examples:

SPM help and misc

Quality control and artifacts

fMRI Preprocessing

fMRI statistical models (SPM)

canlab_glm functions

Batch scripts for SPM models

General notes

  • “Cluster” is the (older, but still very useful) structure that is used to store fMRI data. “Region” is the newer, object-oriented version of cluster.
  • Anytime you add documentation, use the format defined in trunk/SCN_Core_Support/Misc_utilities/documentation_template.m
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