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VOI structure


The VOI structure is a volume of interest along with extracted data. They are stored in VOI*.mat files. They are normally created by clicking on the large V.O.I. button after choosing Results in SPM2.


Copied from spm_regions.m:

 Y      - first scaled eigenvariate of VOI {i.e. weighted mean}
 xY     - VOI structure          - centre of VOI {mm}         - name of VOI
       xY.Ic           - contrast used to adjust data (0 - no adjustment)
       xY.Sess         - session index
       xY.def          - VOI definition
       xY.spec         - VOI definition parameters
       xY.XYZmm        - Co-ordinates of VOI voxels {mm}
       xY.y            - [whitened and filtered] voxel-wise data
       xY.u            - first eigenvariate {scaled - c.f. mean response}
       xY.v            - first eigenimage
       xY.s            - eigenvalues
       xY.X0           - [whitened] confounds (including drift terms)
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