These instructions are to use Globus to collaborate with our lab by providing or accessing data.

One of these sets requires sending us your username and waiting for our admin to provide access. Once we have provided access to your Globus account, you may begin transferring data.

Get Globus Account

Create and account and send us your username:

1. Go to and sign up for a free account 2. Let us know what your username is so that we can grant you access to our endpoint

Set Up Endpoint

On the computer you wish to transfer files to or from:

1. Log in to Globus and select

1. Manage Data
2. Transfer Files
3. Get Globus Connect Personal

Get Globus Connect Personal

2. This dialog allows you to create your endpoint

1. Choose a name for your endpoint. The full name of the endpoint will be "username#endpointname"
2. Generate the setup key
3. Download and install the software

Setup Endpoint

3. When you run Globus Connect Personal, you will need to enter the setup key from #2 Initialize Endpoint

Transfer Data

This must wait until we have provided access to our lab endpoint:

1. Log in to Globus and select

1. Manage Data
2. Transfer Files
or Select "Web: Start Transfer" from your Globus Connect Personal application

2. Type the full name of your endpoint on either the left or right side

3. On other side, enter our endpoint: torwager#gridftp

Navigate To Endpoints

4. After you hit enter or the Go button for each endpoint, the path with let you navigate to the desired directory on each. If you have been delegated a subdirectory on torwager#gridftp, you'll need to deposit files within that subdirectory and not along side it where you won't have write permissions.

5. Highlight the files/directories you wish to transfer and hit the appropriate transfer arrow button to begin the transfer.

6. Look for successful transfer under the Activity entries, “refresh list” on the target side to see if what you transferred comes up, or wait for confirmation email.

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