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Brainstem anatomy WIKI

This WIKI is a guide to human subcortical-brainstem anatomy and connectivity. Observational clinical studies have linked social and higher cognitive phenomena to several types of changes in peripheral organ systems and disease processes. This WIKI reviews the autonomic and neuroendocrine outputs that regulate peripheral function, with an emphasis on a) brainstem regions, and b) sympathetic (SNS) regulation systems.

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Q: Should the info for this particular wiki contain info (e.g. for effects of injection, optogenetics, stimulation, etc.) specific to pain/affect/placebo, or further reaching? A: All-encompassing info from a variety of studies

Q: For the inputs/outputs, I'm assuming this means the projections to/from the area, and the associated neurotransmitters, but I wasn't sure what to put for strength (L M H) and confidence (L M H). A: A rating of the strength of those connections, and your confidence in that rating.

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Site Map

Amygdala group

Hypothalamus group

Ventral striatal group

Epithalamus group

Habenula - Anjali Ventral thalamus - Wani Subthalamic nucleus - Wani

Midbrain group

VTA: Ventral Tegmental Area Ventral Tegmental Area – T Hazy
Substantia Nigra, pars reticulata – T Hazy
Substantia Nigra, pars reticulata – T Hazy
NCF: Nucleus Cuniformis

PAG group

Pontine/Upper Medullary group

Raphe Group

DRN: dorsal raphe nuc. -Helena (under construction)
NRM: nuc. raphe magnus -Helena (under construction)

Medulla group

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