Essentials of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Citation: Wager, T. D., Lindquist, M. A. (2011). Essentials of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In: Decety, J., Cacioppo, J. T. (Eds.), Handbook of Social Neuroscience. Oxford University Press.

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This chapter provides an introductory overview of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study design, analysis, and inference from start to finish. The first section discusses the kinds of questions that fMRI studies can productively answer. The second section discusses issues surrounding data acquisition, including how to choose scanning parameters that are appropriate for the specific scientific questions asked. The third section focuses on fMRI data processing, and the fourth section discusses statistical analysis and inference. The final section discusses how to localize and interpret results, including which kinds of inferences are likely to be valid and which are not.