Pain and Emotion Research

Seeking healthy individuals 18+ years old for laboratory and brain imaging (fMRI) studies on pain and emotion. Contribute to science, receive $12-$24 per hour for participation, and -- if you do a brain imaging study -- you will get a CD with images of YOUR brain! Pain is always tolerable. To complete online eligibility screening, please visit this website.


The Chronic Back Pain Study

We are currently enrolling!

If you are aged 21 - 70 and have had back pain for the past 3 or more months, you may be eligible to participate in this paid research study. Read on!


Recent research has dramatically changed our understanding of chronic pain. It has suggested taht the brain plays a central role in chronic pain. This study has two goals: Firstly, we aim to advance our scientific understanding of the brain bases of chronic back pain. Secondly, we aim to test a novel mind-body treatment for chronic back pain.

Participation overview

The study will take about 8 weeks. It requires two functional MRI brain scans – one before and one after treatment. The brain scans are safe and noninvasive (no radioactivity, no contrast agents). We will also ask you to complete a number of questionnaires. You will be compensated ~$200 for your time.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age 21-70
  • Back pain for the last 3 months or more
  • No metal in the body (for MRI safety)
  • No opioid use for more than 4 weeks in the past two years.  Opioids include common prescription painkillers, like Oxycodone, hydrocodone, meperidine, Vicodin, Percocet
  • Not pregnant due to unclear effects of MRI on a fetus

Interested in learning more?

Please visit this website to learn more about the study and to complete a short survey to help us determine your eligibility.


Couples Study

  • Neuroscience research of the effects of romantic support and oxytocin on pain perception. Pain is always tolerable.
  • No recent history of any drug use
  • Up to $20 per hour (6 hours total participation time)
  • CU Boulder Researchers seek romantic couples 18-50 years old with no neurological impairment and no current or past major psychiatric disorder
  • To complete an online eligibility form, please visit this website.