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The rostral ventromedial medulla is a critical structure in modulating descending control of nociception. It is distinct from the rostral ventrolateral medulla, which plays different roles in the control of autonomic functions and blood pressure regulation. The RVM has a critical role in both inhibition and facilitation of pain through interactions with the spinal cord, and RVM plasticity may be important for the transition to chronic pain. It also likely plays a role in behavioral responses to painful events, including conditioned place preferences and immobilization responses.

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Eippert, F., Bingel, U., Schoell, E. D., Yacubian, J., Klinger, R., Lorenz, J., et al. (2009). Activation of the opioidergic descending pain control system underlies placebo analgesia. Neuron, 63(4), 533-543.

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* laminae I, II, and V of the dorsal horn * laminae VII and VIII of the intermediate and ventral horns * the intermediolateral column (sympathetic ganglia in spinal cord) * lamina X


Summary list

In the RVM, electrical stimulation, as well as the injection of excitatory amino acids or opioids, inhibits behavioral responses to noxious stimuli (Jensen and Yaksh 1984; McGowan and Hammond 1993).

Nociceptive modulation

Effects of stimulation/microinjection

  • Electrical stimulation, as well as the injection of excitatory amino acids or opioids, inhibits behavioral responses to noxious stimuli (Jensen and Yaksh 1984; McGowan and Hammond 1993).
  • Stimulation of OFF cells reduces nociception
  • Stimulation of ON cells can increase nociception

Effects of lesions/inactivation

  • Block or reduce antinociception due to footshock stress
  • Block or reduce antinociception due to classical conditioning (Watkins and Mayer 1982),
  • Block or reduce antinociception due to opioid administration (Urban and Smith 1994; Young et al. 1984).

Effects of microinjection

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Effects of stimulation

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Effects of lesions/inactivation

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Effects of microinjection

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Study Description x y z
Kong 2010 RVM seed 4 -34 -40
Eippert 2009 Placebo > Control late pain 8 -38 -40
Eippert 2009 Placebo > Control early pain -6 -35 -39
Derbyshire 2009 Offset analgesia 18 -30 -30

List of Studies

Kong 2010 Eippert 2009 Derbyshire 2009

Specific, key studies

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