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 === Study list: Coordinate based === === Study list: Coordinate based ===
-Neurosynth results for coordinate(s) 
-<​list ​studies ​here from Neurosynth database>​+__**Neurosynth results for coordinate(s)**__ 
 +__Title; Author; Journal; Year; PMD__ 
 +A Common Prefrontal-Parietal Network for Mnemonic and Mathematical Recoding Strategies within Working Memory Bor D; Owen AM Cerebral Cortex 2007 16707737 
 +A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of working memory abnormalities in schizophrenia Johnson MR; Morris NA; Astur RS; Calhoun VD; Mathalon DH; Kiehl KA; Pearlson GD Biological Psychiatry 2006 16503328 
 +A left amygdala mediated network for rapid orienting to masked fearful faces Carlson JM; Reinke KS; Habib R Neuropsychologia 2009 19428403 
 +A meta-analysis of instructed fear studies: implications for conscious appraisal of threat Mechias ML; Etkin A; Kalisch R NeuroImage 2010 19786103 
 +A meta-analytic study of changes in brain activation in depression Fitzgerald PB; Laird AR; Maller J; Daskalakis ZJ Human Brain Mapping 2008 17598168 
 +A neural system for evaluating the behavioural relevance of salient events outside the current focus of attention Gruber O; Diekhof EK; Kirchenbauer L; Goschke T Brain Research 2010 20599810 
 +A role for the brainstem in central sensitisation in humans. Evidence ​from functional magnetic resonance imaging Zambreanu L; Wise RG; Brooks JC; Iannetti GD; Tracey I Pain 2005 15777865 
 +A supramodal limbic-paralimbic-neocortical network supports goal-directed stimulus processing Laurens KR; Kiehl KA; Liddle PF Human Brain Mapping 2005 15593271 
 +A voxel-based morphometry study of grey matter loss in MS patients with different clinical phenotypes Ceccarelli A; Rocca MA; Pagani E; Colombo B; Martinelli V; Comi G; Filippi M NeuroImage 2008 18501636 
 +Abnormal activity patterns in premotor cortex during sequence learning in autistic patients Muller RA; Cauich C; Rubio MA; Mizuno A; Courchesne E Biological Psychiatry 2004 15336514 
 +Abnormal temporal difference reward-learning signals in major depression Kumar P; Waiter G; Ahearn T; Milders M; Reid I; Steele JD Brain 2008 18579575 
 +Activation in striatum and medial temporal lobe during sequence learning in younger and older adults: relations to performance Rieckmann A; Fischer H; Backman L NeuroImage 2010 20079855 
 +Activation of olfactory and trigeminal cortical areas following stimulation of the nasal mucosa with low concentrations of S(-)-nicotine vapor-An fMRI study on chemosensory perception Albrecht J; Kopietz R; Linn J; Sakar V; Anzinger A; Schreder T; Pollatos O; Bruckmann H; Kobal G; Wiesmann M Human Brain Mapping 2009 18381635 
 +Activity in the hippocampus and neocortical working memory regions predicts successful associative memory for temporally discontiguous events Hales JB; Brewer JB Neuropsychologia 2010 20667491 
 +Activity in the Medial Temporal Lobe Predicts Memory Strength, Whereas Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex Predicts Recollection Kirwan CB; Wixted JT; Squire LR Journal of Neuroscience 2008 18923030 
 +Acupuncture modulates resting state connectivity in default and sensorimotor brain networks Dhond RP; Yeh C; Park K; Kettner N; Napadow V Pain 2008 18337009 
 +Acupuncture modulates spontaneous activities in the anticorrelated resting brain networks Bai L; Qin W; Tian J; Dong M; Pan X; Chen P; Dai J; Yang W; Liu Y Brain Research 2009 19427842 
 +Adult age differences in functional connectivity during executive control Madden DJ; Costello MC; Dennis NA; Davis SW; Shepler AM; Spaniol J; Bucur B; Cabeza R NeuroImage 2010 20434565 
 +Age- and gender-related changes in the normal human brain using hybrid diffusion imaging (HYDI) Wu YC; Field AS; Whalen PJ; Alexander AL NeuroImage 2011 20932911 
 +Ageing and early-stage Parkinson'​s disease affect separable neural mechanisms of mesolimbic reward processing Schott BH; Niehaus L; Wittmann BC; Schutze H; Seidenbecher CI; Heinze HJ; Duzel E Brain 2007 17626038 
 +Amygdala activation and facial expressions:​ explicit emotion discrimination versus implicit emotion processing Habel U; Windischberger C; Derntl B; Robinson S; Kryspin-Exner I; Gur RC; Moser E Neuropsychologia 2007 17408704 
 +Amygdala and nucleus accumbens in responses to receipt and omission of gains in adults and adolescents Ernst M; Nelson EE; Jazbec S; McClure EB; Monk CS; Leibenluft E; Blair J; Pine DS NeuroImage 2005 15850746 
 +Amygdala and orbitofrontal reactivity to social threat in individuals with impulsive aggression Coccaro EF; McCloskey MS; Fitzgerald DA; Phan KL Biological Psychiatry 2007 17210136 
 +Amygdala function and 5-HTT gene variants in adolescent anxiety and major depressive disorder Lau JY; Goldman D; Buzas B; Fromm SJ; Guyer AE; Hodgkinson C; Monk CS; Nelson EE; Shen PH; Pine DS; Ernst M Biological Psychiatry 2009 18950748 
 +An fMRI study of causal judgments Satpute AB; Fenker DB; Waldmann MR; Tabibnia G; Holyoak KJ; Lieberman MD European Journal of Neuroscience 2005 16176366 
 +An fMRI study of the neural correlates of graded visual perception Christensen MS; Ramsoy TZ; Lund TE; Madsen KH; Rowe JB NeuroImage 2006 16626975 
 +Anticipating instrumentally obtained and passively-received rewards: a factorial fMRI investigation Bjork JM; Hommer DW Behavioural Brain Research 2007 17140674 
 +Anticipation of novelty recruits reward system and hippocampus while promoting recollection Wittmann BC; Bunzeck N; Dolan RJ; Duzel E NeuroImage 2007 17764976 
 +Anticipatory brainstem activity predicts neural processing of pain in humans Fairhurst M; Wiech K; Dunckley P; Tracey I Pain 2007 17070996 
 +Attention and emotion: does rating emotion alter neural responses to amusing and sad films?​ Hutcherson CA; Goldin PR; Ochsner KN; Gabrieli JD; Barrett LF; Gross JJ NeuroImage 2005 15946863 
 +Attentional modulation of emotional stimulus processing: An fMRI study using emotional expectancy Bermpohl F; Pascual-Leone A; Amedi A; Merabet LB; Fregni F; Gaab N; Alsop D; Schlaug G; Northoff G Human Brain Mapping 2006 16317710 
 +Auditory orienting and inhibition of return in mild traumatic brain injury: A FMRI study Mayer AR; Mannell MV; Ling J; Elgie R; Gasparovic C; Phillips JP; Doezema D; Yeo RA Human Brain Mapping 2009 19554558 
 +Auditory temporal expectations modulate activity in visual cortex Bueti D; Macaluso E NeuroImage 2010 20298791 
 +Being liked activates primary reward and midline self-related brain regions Davey CG; Allen NB; Harrison BJ; Dwyer DB; Yucel M Human Brain Mapping 2010 19823984 
 +BET differences among simultaneous evoked frequency band responses during early-stage visual processing distinguish schizophrenia from healthy subjects Gonzalez-Hernandez JA; Pita-Alcorta C; Castaneda H; Trujillo-Barreto N; Scherbaum WA Neuroscience Letters 2009 19026720 
 +Beyond patient reported pain: perfusion magnetic resonance imaging demonstrates reproducible cerebral representation of ongoing post-surgical pain Howard MA; Krause K; Khawaja N; Massat N; Zelaya F; Schumann G; Huggins JP; Vennart W; Williams SC; Renton TF PLoS ONE 2011 21373203 
 +Bilateral brain regions associated with naming in older adults Obler LK; Rykhlevskaia E; Schnyer D; Clark-Cotton MR; Spiro A 3rd; Hyun J; Kim DS; Goral M; Albert ML Brain and Language 2010 20399492 
 +BOLD correlates of trial-by-trial reaction time variability in gray and white matter: a multi-study fMRI analysis Yarkoni T; Barch DM; Gray JR; Conturo TE; Braver TS PLoS ONE 2009 19165335 
 +Brain Activation during Anticipation of Sound Sequences Leaver AM; Van Lare J; Zielinski B; Halpern AR; Rauschecker JP Journal of Neuroscience 2009 19244522 
 +Brain Activation during Input from Mechanoinsensitive versus Polymodal C-Nociceptors Ruehle BS; Handwerker HO; Lennerz JK; Ringler R; Forster C Journal of Neuroscience 2006 16707801 
 +Brain activity related to temporal summation of C-fiber evoked pain Staud R; Craggs JG; Robinson ME; Perlstein WM; Price DD Pain 2007 17156923 
 +Brain dynamics for perception of tactile allodynia (touch-induced pain) in postherpetic neuralgia Geha PY; Baliki MN; Wang X; Harden RN; Paice JA; Apkarian AV Pain 2008 18384958 
 +Brain mediators of cardiovascular responses to social threat, part II: Prefrontal-subcortical pathways and relationship with anxiety Wager TD; van Ast VA; Hughes BL; Davidson ML; Lindquist MA; Ochsner KN NeuroImage 2009 19465135 
 +Brain Networks Subserving the Extraction of Sentence Information and Its Encoding to Memory Hasson U; Nusbaum HC; Small SL Cerebral Cortex 2007 17372276 
 +Brain responses to facial expressions of pain: emotional or motor mirroring?​ Budell L; Jackson P; Rainville P NeuroImage 2010 20510372 
 +Brain responses to violet, blue, and green monochromatic light exposures in humans: prominent role of blue light and the brainstem Vandewalle G; Schmidt C; Albouy G; Sterpenich V; Darsaud A; Rauchs G; Berken PY; Balteau E; Degueldre C; Luxen A; Maquet P; Dijk DJ PLoS ONE 2007 18043754 
 +Brain-behavior correlation in children depends on the neurocognitive network Booth JR; Burman DD; Meyer JR; Trommer BL; Davenport ND; Parrish TB; Gitelman DR; Mesulam MM Human Brain Mapping 2004 15340932 
 +Category-specific effects in semantic memory: category-task interactions suggested by fMRI Grossman M; Koenig P; Kounios J; McMillan C; Work M; Moore P NeuroImage 2006 16413792 
 +Cerebral and Cerebrospinal Processes Underlying Counterirritation Analgesia Piche M; Arsenault M; Rainville P Journal of Neuroscience 2009 19906971 
 +Changes in cerebral glucose utilization in patients with panic disorder treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy Sakai Y; Kumano H; Nishikawa M; Sakano Y; Kaiya H; Imabayashi E; Ohnishi T; Matsuda H; Yasuda A; Sato A; Diksic M; Kuboki T NeuroImage 2006 16889985 
 +Characterizing the neural mechanisms of skill learning and repetition priming: Evidence from mirror reading Brain 2001 11133788 
 +Cocaine dependence and attention switching within and between verbal and visuospatial working memory Kubler A; Murphy K; Garavan H European Journal of Neuroscience 2005 15869491 
 +Common and unique components of inhibition and working memory: an fMRI, within-subjects investigation McNab F; Leroux G; Strand F; Thorell L; Bergman S; Klingberg T Neuropsychologia 2008 18573510 
 +Common neural systems for contact heat and laser pain stimulation reveal higher-level pain processing Helmchen C; Mohr C; Roehl M; Bingel U; Lorenz J; Buchel C Human Brain Mapping 2008 17924552 
 +Compassionate attitude towards others'​ suffering activates the mesolimbic neural system Kim JW; Kim SE; Kim JJ; Jeong B; Park CH; Son AR; Song JE; Ki SW Neuropsychologia 2009 19428038 
 +Compensatory cortical activation observed by fMRI during a cognitive task at the earliest stage of multiple sclerosis Audoin B; Ibarrola D; Ranjeva JP; Confort-Gouny S; Malikova I; Ali-Cherif A; Pelletier J; Cozzone P Human Brain Mapping 2003 14505331 
 +Compensatory mechanisms underlie intact task-switching performance in schizophrenia Jamadar S; Michie P; Karayanidis F Neuropsychologia 2010 20036266 
 +COMT Val(108/​158)Met polymorphism effects on emotional brain function and negativity bias Williams LM; Gatt JM; Grieve SM; Dobson-Stone C; Paul RH; Gordon E; Schofield PR NeuroImage 2010 20139013 
 +Cortical and subcortical contributions to saccade latency in the human brain Neggers SF; Raemaekers MA; Lampmann EE; Postma A; Ramsey NF European Journal of Neuroscience 2005 15926933 
 +Cortical metabolic changes in the cerebellar variant of multiple system atrophy: a voxel-based FDG-PET study in 41 patients Lee PH; An YS; Yong SW; Yoon SN NeuroImage 2008 18203624 
 +Cortical processing of visceral and somatic stimulation:​ differentiating pain intensity from unpleasantness Dunckley P; Wise RG; Aziz Q; Painter D; Brooks J; Tracey I; Chang L Neuroscience 2005 15896917 
 +Detection of unexpected events during spatial navigation in humans: bottom-up attentional system and neural mechanisms Iaria G; Fox CJ; Chen JK; Petrides M; Barton JJ European Journal of Neuroscience 2008 18279364 
 +Developmental Differences in Posterior Mesofrontal Cortex Recruitment by Risky Rewards Bjork JM; Smith AR; Danube CL; Hommer DW Journal of Neuroscience 2007 17475792 
 +Differences in feedback- and inhibition-related neural activity in adult ADHD Dibbets P; Evers L; Hurks P; Marchetta N; Jolles J Brain and Cognition 2009 19201515 
 +Different areas of human non-primary auditory cortex are activated by sounds with spatial and nonspatial properties Hart HC; Palmer AR; Hall DA Human Brain Mapping 2004 14755837 
 +Differential cerebral activation during observation of expressive gestures and motor acts Lotze M; Heymans U; Birbaumer N; Veit R; Erb M; Flor H; Halsband U Neuropsychologia 2006 16730755 
 +Differential contributions of the anterior temporal and medial temporal lobe to the retrieval of memory for person identity information Tsukiura T; Suzuki C; Shigemune Y; Mochizuki-Kawai H Human Brain Mapping 2008 17948885 
 +Differential temporo-parietal cortical networks that support relational and item-based recency judgments Kimura HM; Hirose S; Kunimatsu A; Chikazoe J; Jimura K; Watanabe T; Abe O; Ohtomo K; Miyashita Y; Konishi S NeuroImage 2010 19909817 
 +Dissociable processes of cognitive control during error and non-error conflicts: a study of the stop signal task Hendrick OM; Ide JS; Luo X; Li CS PLoS ONE 2010 20949134 
 +Dissociating brain regions controlling the temporal and ordinal structure of learned movement sequences Bengtsson SL; Ehrsson HH; Forssberg H; Ullen F European Journal of Neuroscience 2004 15128413 
 +Distinct Neural Circuits Support Transient and Sustained Processes in Prospective Memory and Working Memory Reynolds JR; West R; Braver T Cerebral Cortex 2009 18854581 
 +Does caffeine modulate verbal working memory processes? An fMRI study Koppelstaetter F; Poeppel TD; Siedentopf CM; Ischebeck A; Verius M; Haala I; Mottaghy FM; Rhomberg P; Golaszewski S; Gotwald T; Lorenz IH; Kolbitsch C; Felber S; Krause BJ NeuroImage 2008 17936643 
 +Dynamic EEG-informed fMRI modeling of the pain matrix using 20-ms root mean square segments Brinkmeyer J; Mobascher A; Warbrick T; Musso F; Wittsack HJ; Saleh A; Schnitzler A; Winterer G Human Brain Mapping 2010 20162596 
 +Dynamics of Prefrontal and Cingulate Activity during a Reward-Based Logical Deduction Task Landmann C; Dehaene S; Pappata S; Jobert A; Bottlaender M; Roumenov D; Le Bihan D Cerebral Cortex 2007 16707739 
 +Dysfunction of ventral striatal reward prediction in schizophrenia Juckel G; Schlagenhauf F; Koslowski M; Wustenberg T; Villringer A; Knutson B; Wrase J; Heinz A NeuroImage 2006 16139525 
 +Effect of menstrual cycle phase on corticolimbic brain activation by visual food cues Frank TC; Kim GL; Krzemien A; Van Vugt DA Brain Research 2010 20920491 
 +Effect of methylphenidate on executive functioning in adults with attention-deficit/​hyperactivity disorder: normalization of behavior but not related brain activity Schweitzer JB; Lee DO; Hanford RB; Zink CF; Ely TD; Tagamets MA; Hoffman JM; Grafton ST; Kilts CD Biological Psychiatry 2004 15476690 
 +Effect of the number of response alternatives on brain activity in response selection Woo SH; Lee KM Human Brain Mapping 2007 17094117 
 +Effects of advanced aging on the neural correlates of successful recognition memory Wang TH; Kruggel F; Rugg MD Neuropsychologia 2009 19428399 
 +Effects of dopaminergic and serotonergic manipulation on emotional processing: a pharmacological fMRI study Takahashi H; Yahata N; Koeda M; Takano A; Asai K; Suhara T; Okubo Y NeuroImage 2005 15978846 
 +Effects of exogenous testosterone on the ventral striatal BOLD response during reward anticipation in healthy women Hermans EJ; Bos PA; Ossewaarde L; Ramsey NF; Fernandez G; van Honk J NeuroImage 2010 20398773 
 +Effects of generation mode in fMRI adaptations of semantic fluency: paced production and overt speech Basho S; Palmer ED; Rubio MA; Wulfeck B; Muller RA Neuropsychologia 2007 17292926 
 +Effort-Based Cost-Benefit Valuation and the Human Brain Croxson PL; Walton ME; O'​Reilly JX; Behrens TE; Rushworth MF Journal of Neuroscience 2009 19357278 
 +Electrophysiological and hemodynamic evidence for late maturation of hand power grip and force control under visual feedback Halder P; Brem S; Bucher K; Boujraf S; Summers P; Dietrich T; Kollias S; Martin E; Brandeis D Human Brain Mapping 2007 16761271 
 +Electrophysiology meets fMRI: Neural correlates of the startle reflex assessed by simultaneous EMG-fMRI data acquisition Neuner I; Stocker T; Kellermann T; Ermer V; Wegener HP; Eickhoff SB; Schneider F; Shah NJ Human Brain Mapping 2010 20205248 
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 +Event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging of response inhibition in obsessive-compulsive disorder Roth RM; Saykin AJ; Flashman LA; Pixley HS; West JD; Mamourian AC Biological Psychiatry 2007 17511967 
 +Expectancy and belief modulate the neuronal substrates of pain treated by acupuncture Pariente J; White P; Frackowiak RS; Lewith G NeuroImage 2005 15850733 
 +Experiential,​ autonomic, and neural responses during threat anticipation vary as a function of threat intensity and neuroticism Drabant EM; Kuo JR; Ramel W; Blechert J; Edge MD; Cooper JR; Goldin PR; Hariri AR; Gross JJ NeuroImage 2011 21093595 
 +Exploring the brain in pain: activations,​ deactivations and their relation Kong J; Loggia ML; Zyloney C; Tu P; Laviolette P; Gollub RL Pain 2010 20005043 
 +Exploring the visual world: the neural substrate of spatial orienting Himmelbach M; Erb M; Karnath HO NeuroImage 2006 16806986 
 +Eyeblink-related areas in human cerebellum as shown by fMRI Dimitrova A; Weber J; Maschke M; Elles HG; Kolb FP; Forsting M; Diener HC; Timmann D Human Brain Mapping 2002 12353244 
 +Fear thou not: activity of frontal and temporal circuits in moments of real-life courage Nili U; Goldberg H; Weizman A; Dudai Y Neuron 2010 20620879 
 +Feeling the Real World: Limbic Response to Music Depends on Related Content Eldar E; Ganor O; Admon R; Bleich A; Hendler T Cerebral Cortex 2007 17395609 
 +fMRI correlates of retrieval orientation Hornberger M; Rugg MD; Henson RN Neuropsychologia 2006 16480749 
 +fMRI during natural sleep as a method to study brain function during early childhood Redcay E; Kennedy DP; Courchesne E NeuroImage 2007 17904385 
 +fMRI evidence for multisensory recruitment associated with rapid eye movements during sleep Hong CC; Harris JC; Pearlson GD; Kim JS; Calhoun VD; Fallon JH; Golay X; Gillen JS; Simmonds DJ; van Zijl PC; Zee DS; Pekar JJ Human Brain Mapping 2009 18972392 
 +FMRI evidence of a functional network setting the criteria for withholding a response Vallesi A; McIntosh AR; Alexander MP; Stuss DT NeuroImage 2009 19162201 
 +fMRI reveals distinct CNS processing during symptomatic and recovered complex regional pain syndrome in children Lebel A; Becerra L; Wallin D; Moulton EA; Morris S; Pendse G; Jasciewicz J; Stein M; Aiello-Lammens M; Grant E; Berde C; Borsook D Brain 2008 18567621 
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 +Functional brain changes in early Parkinson'​s disease during motor response and motor inhibition Baglio F; Blasi V; Falini A; Farina E; Mantovani F; Olivotto F; Scotti G; Nemni R; Bozzali M Neurobiology of Aging 2011 19188005 
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 +Intrinsic functional connectivity of the periaqueductal gray, a resting fMRI study Kong J; Tu PC; Zyloney C; Su TP Behavioural Brain Research 2010 20347878 
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 +Lateralized Anterior Cingulate Function during Error Processing and Conflict Monitoring as Revealed by High-Resolution fMRI Lutcke H; Frahm J Cerebral Cortex 2008 17576750 
 +Learning from other people'​s experience: a neuroimaging study of decisional interactive-learning Canessa N; Motterlini M; Alemanno F; Perani D; Cappa SF NeuroImage 2011 21126586 
 +Left thalamo-cortical network implicated in successful speech separation and identification Alain C; Reinke K; McDonald KL; Chau W; Tam F; Pacurar A; Graham S NeuroImage 2005 15907316 
 +Listening to a walking human activates the temporal biological motion area Bidet-Caulet A; Voisin J; Bertrand O; Fonlupt P NeuroImage 2005 16027008 
 +Looking to the future: Automatic regulation of attention between current performance and future plans Okuda J; Gilbert SJ; Burgess PW; Frith CD; Simons JS Neuropsychologia 2011 21315748 
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