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Summary of information available on each page

Each region entry has information about:

* Text overview of description and major functions

  1. Includes links to other WIKI pages

* Localization information

  1. Images that show the location of the structure
  2. Information from key reviews
  3. ROI images and downloadable Analyze or Nifti images for use in neuroimaging studies, when available

* Key references

  1. Citations for selected key papers
  2. An Endnote library (or alternative) of important references and PDFs
  3. A list of references for neuroimaging papers that have activated the structure, from Neurosynth (can be mined to study what kinds of psychological/neurological states activate the structure)

* Afferent and efferent connections

  1. From literature, including functional and structural connectivity, major transmitters and structures
  2. Brain Architecture Management System (BAMS) rat atlas summary [not yet available]

* Major functions

  1. Stimulation/pharmacological effects
  2. Lesion effects
  3. Microinjection and/or optogenetics
  4. Associated disorders
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