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 +===== FAQs =====
 +**Q:** Should the info for this particular wiki contain info (e.g. for effects of injection, optogenetics,​ stimulation,​ etc.) specific to pain/​affect/​placebo,​ or further reaching?
 +**A: All-encompassing info from a variety of studies**
 +**Q:** For the inputs/​outputs,​ I'm assuming this means the projections to/from the area, and the associated neurotransmitters,​ but I wasn't sure what to put for strength (L M H) and confidence (L M H). 
 +**A: A rating of the strength of those connections,​ and your confidence in that rating.**
 +**Q:** It appears you cannot upload figures/​PDFs to the brainstem area of the wiki, you must upload it to another area (I've been using "​root"​),​ then you can upload it to where you need it to be. This isn't a problem to do, I just don't want to be cluttering "​root"​ or wherever else with figures and PDFs for the brainstem wiki. Is there an easy fix for this, or should we just keep uploading the file to a different area, then uploading the figure to the brainstem wiki?