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 ====== Creators ====== ====== Creators ======
-<in no particular order>+This WIKI is a group effort, led by Tor Wager at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 
 +Contributors include:
-Tor Wager\\ 
 Marina López-Solà <​mlopezsola@gmail.com>​\\ Marina López-Solà <​mlopezsola@gmail.com>​\\
 Jeny Sills <​jeny816@gmail.com>​\\ Jeny Sills <​jeny816@gmail.com>​\\
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 Helena Yardley <​helena.yardley@gmail.com>​\\ Helena Yardley <​helena.yardley@gmail.com>​\\
 So Young Choe <​soyoung.choe0@gmail.com>​\\ So Young Choe <​soyoung.choe0@gmail.com>​\\
 +Tor Wager <​tor.wager@colorado.edu\\